I have many prints for sale (almost everything on this site) in my "Art" section. Just navigate through the images and if you find one you like with prints available, click "Add to cart".

All poster prints are shipped in stay-flat envelopes. Shipping is $7 for print orders for North American shipping. Chances are I can ship to you almost anywhere in the world for the same price, but I reserve the right to refund your order if shipping to you would cost me more than $10. I can combine many prints in a single envelope (up to 5), so you only have to pay a single $7 fee to ship 1-5 prints at once. Shipping usually takes 2-3 weeks for North American orders, but in rare circumstances shipping can take up to 6 weeks.


You may notice that I have several original paintings for sale. Indeed almost all of my paintings that aren't marked SOLD can be purchased. If you're interested in buying a painting, please contact me via email. Please note that the paintings may not look exactly like the photos shown (I often photograph the painting in certain lighting conditions to affect the overall colour of the photo), but all the photos are realisitc representations of the actual paintings without photoshopping or altering the content of the paintings. And they look awesome in person. Just sayin'.

If you had your heart set on a painting that's been sold or if you have a request for a new custom painting, I should mention that I do commissions. If you're interested in having me paint something specific or repaint an existing concept, just email me and we'll work something out.